Alley’s Impending Homelessness


I thought I would post a page that gives the details of my situation and a list of the things I need. If you feel compelled to help, please know that I am very grateful. I will update this page as things progress.

  • Gym Membership – $85
    This will allow me to shower and keep clean
    Alternately, if you have a membership, you may be able to get a buddy membership for cheap.
  • RV – $5000 est
    So far I’ve got $1000 to put towards an RV. I can also rent an RV if you don’t mind my cats (2) being in it. Won’t be driven a lot.
  • Solar Generator – $2300 or $4439
    The generator will allow me to work from my computer, and power the refrigerator so I can keep food.
  • Car Cover – $150 – $300
    helps with privacy and security when sleeping in the car.
    2010 Nissan Cube (no spoiler)
    Dark grey or Black preferred
    Covercraft from Amazon. I also hear that Costco has a good one for under $100, but I don’t have a membership
  • Gasoline Gift Cards
  • Good Sam Membership – $25
    Discounts for gas, RV parks, campgrounds, etc
If you want to help with my “Free Living” experiment:

Kit Size

or you can send money through PayPal to

My mailing address is:
Alley Zepeda
3001 N BROADWAY #31474
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: 310.713.5665
email: syberkitty @

Thank you for your help!

Want all the gory details… Keep Reading!

I wanted to share my situation with my friends, so you’ll know how I got here. Where is “here” you ask? HERE is the precipice of homelessness. Yes, I’m about to be homeless.

As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with many health issues over the last 3 years — many longer. Starting in 2011 I had to go on medical leave from my job because of my spine disintegrating. Constant pain, inability to concentrate, numerous medications, and 2 surgeries from my never ending ankle and knee injuries; its left me with no ability to deal with the physical pain of daily life or stress of holding down a job.

Last year I spent 5 months in the psychiatric hospital because I came very close to suicide. I was done. My physical problems are permanent and will only get worse over time. It was a very dark time, but I made it through to the other side. I’m still here, and I don’t want to leave this life just yet. I’ve been picking up the pieces and trying to build a life for myself ever since.

Now I find myself facing the biggest challenge ever — homelessness. I have no income. I’ve already depleted my savings, my retirement, and every “safety net” option available. I’ve got a lawsuit pending with the insurance company with whom I had Long Term Disability insurance. I have applied for SSDI benefits. Both of these are long processes, and it will easily be another 6 months before any resolution will come from either of them. It’s already been 2 years. All I have is my car and my cats. So me and the cats will be living in my car as of May 1st. I’m trying to get an RV, but who knows when that will happen. I still have to liquidate my possessions, so hopefully that will be enough.

Living without all the “stuff” and bills and obligations is actually pretty attractive. I’m surprisingly at peace with it. I know I’m romanticizing it, but that beats being terrified about it. I’m going to need some help in the coming months. I can’t do this on my own.

So if I can borrow your shower on occasion, park on your street for a day or two, use your wifi or crash on your couch, it would be very much appreciated. :)

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