Pin-Up Girls

Alley Z specializes in Pin-Up Girl photography. Whether it’s just pulling in themes and poses or the exact recreation of a classic pin-up illustration by one of the  masters, you can look as beautiful and tantalizing as any girl from the past.

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Ever wanted to be a Pin-Up Girl?

Now every woman can be as pretty as Pin-Up Girl. Whether you love the styles of Vargas, Coop, or Armstrong, we can create some fun and sexy images that show a whole new side of you. Here’s how the process works…

During your pin-up girl shoot, we’ll take our time to get the setting and pose just right. Small adjustments in hands and feet can make a huge difference in how the final photographs look. Because I shoot digitally, we can have instant gratification and look at the images immediately.

Make a complete transition to 100% Pure Pin-Up by scheduling a consultation. We’ll look over images from various pin-up artists and decide what look you want to acheive. We’ll discuss what about yourself you would to show off (and hide) assuring that you’ll be comfortable during the shoot and with the resulting images.

You shoot will include the services of a hair and make-up artist that will doll you up and make sure you stay pin-up perfect and looking fresh during your shoot. You’ll enjoy all the pampering as much as you ‘ll love the photos!

Wardrobe is always a consideration when creating a pin-up girl. We have access to lots of cute and sexy lingerie and costume sets at reasonable prices. During our consultation we can order any specific items you may need — stockings, garter belts, ruffled panties and more.

For the woman wanting the ultimate experience, we can also have custom costumes made to fit you like a glove. Anything is possible from corsets, to vintage style clothing, or special themed costumes. Having costumes made can take 4-6 weeks, so extra care should be taken in the planning process.

After your shoot, we’ll look through the images together and pick the best shots. If needed, the images can be retouched to remove any skin imperfections and make you even more pin-up perfect than you ever thought you could be.

Once your photographs are ready, you have many options for printing, framing, or digital delivery. You can even have small web-ready images e-mailed to you.

Becoming a Pin-up Girl is a fun and decadent process. Whether you want the photographs for yourself or that special someone, you’ll have a memento of yourself that will be treasured for a long long time.

Be beautiful. Be a Pin-up Girl!

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