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Miss Kitty's Nightclub and Cabaret

Miss Kitty's is the craziest and sexiest weekly party in Los Angeles. Here's a small selection of images from the club during my tenure as the staff photographer.

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Redbull Ascension 2005

This event was the 2005 version of RedBull's Ascension event. Held in Los Angeles, the event had over 100 performers and featured DJ's, cabaret acts, a beat boy room, and it's own Red Light District.

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Redbull Moto GP 2006

Moto GP is the motorcycle equivalent of Formula 1 racing, and RedBull sponsored the only American stop in the racing circuit in 2005. The 3 day event featured a huge VIP area and RedBull's own RV park.

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International Design Press

This event was a 2 day visit to LA from a group of Korean press correspondents visiting with some of the top design firms in the Hotel industry. It ended with a hosted showing at Poggen Pohl in the Pacific Design Center and was visited with special guest stars Demi Moore and Wolfgang Puck.

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Finnish metal band Nightwish playing the House of Blues in November 2007.

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